The Company

Bn’ML – Behavioral & Molecular Lab is a Portuguese CRO company based in the Braga Campus of the University of Minho. Bn’ML works in close association with the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), a biomedical and clinical sciences research institute linked to a network of hospitals, biomedical companies and the Clinical Academic Center.

Bn’ML provides customized preclinical behavioral and molecular analysis services using rodent animal models, for testing the potential of new therapeutic compounds.

Bn’ML rodent models of disease are pre-validated and have been calibrated using appropriate experimental controls. You may request further information on our models by e-mail through

Bn’ML’s mission is to optimize the sorting process of therapeutic compounds, in a preclinical phase, sustaining the investment associated with the transition to a later clinical-trials phase.

Where do we stand?

Bn’ML tests the potential of therapeutic compounds, both at the behavioral and molecular levels, in animal models of disease, thus adding an extra dimension to the preclinical tests phase. In this way, the company allows a comprehensive evaluation of the therapeutic compounds effects, sustaining the investment associated to the transition to a clinical trials phase.

Prizes and Distinctions

1st Award - SpinUM Business Ideas Contest 2011, TecMinho

SpinUM Young Entrepreneurs Prize 2011, TecMinho


Bn’ML intends to be an essential partner of the international pharmaceutical industry, in the preclinical phase of development and validation of new therapeutic compounds. For that, the company is building up its strategy in the expertise of a multidisciplinary team specialized in cutting-edge technology and in the development of new testing solutions to meet our customers’ requests.