Testing Solutions


Testing solutions


Open Field Test

Pain and analgesia

Paw/tail flick test
Hot/Cold plate test
VonFrey Filaments test
Paw Pressure test

Cognitive function

Water Maze
Radial Arm Maze
Object-Place Recognition Task
T Maze


Splash test
Sweet Drive test
Ultrasonic vocalizations
Social interaction behaviors
Sucrose Preference test
Forced Swimming test
Tail Suspension test


Elevated Plus Maze
Novelty Suppressed Feeding test
Open Field test
Pre-pulse inhibition
Acoustic Startle
Light / Dark box

Molecular analysis

Gene expression, by RT-PCR or PCR arrays
Tri-dimensional morphological analysis of cells
Immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, ELISA and Western-Blot
Cellular proliferation and cell fate analysis
Methylation profiling analysis
In vitro assays